Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day20 – Hanuman Charita

Finally, ravana’s son meghanadha uses brahmaastra on hanuman. Though immune to the effects of this weapon, hanuman succumbs to the power of brahmaastra out of respect for brahma.Rakshasas bring hanuman in front of ravana. Hanuman displays his strength by easily breaking the hold of brahmastra infront of ravana stunning ravana and his courtiers.

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna Day20

Introducing himself as a ramaduta, hanuman admonishes ravana for not offering him a proper seat in the court.When ravana mocks him by saying his court does not offer a seat to monkeys or ramadutas, hanuman again displays his powers by lengthening his tail in to a seat equal to ravana’s height.Then hanuman delivers rama’s message to ravana telling him to hand over sita respectfully so that he can earn rama’s forgiveness, else there would be war.


Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day19 – Hanuman Charita

After meeting Sita, Hanuman begins to wreak havoc, gradually destroying the palaces and properties of Lanka. He kills many rakshasas, including Jambumali and Aksha Kumar.

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna Day19

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day18 – Hanuman Charita

Hanuman searches for sita mata in lanka and finds her in Ashoka vana. He gives her rama’s ring to identify himself as rama bantu and assures her that rama will soon come to rescue her.Sita feels happy on hearing about rama and gives her choodamani to hanuman as token to rama.



Hanuman Chalisa Yagna Day18

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day17 – Hanuman Charita

Crossing the ocean, Hanuman comes across demoness Lankini,the guard of Lanka.
She refuses entry to Hanuman and attacks him.Hanuman retaliates and defeats lankini and enters lanka.


Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day16 – Hanuman Charita

After Surasa , Hanuman comes across Simhika, a demoness with the power to catch a flying object by just holding its shadow. As Hanuman is tugged down by her, he cleverly shrinks himself and enters her huge mouth.Then by tearing her body apart from inside out, Hanuman kills her and continues his journey.


Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day15 – Hanuman charita

After the briefest rest on Mount Mainak, Hanuman comes across Surasa  who is the mother of serpents. Surasa challenges him to enter her mouth. When Hanuman outwits her, she admits that her challenge was merely a test of his courage.

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna Day15

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day14 – Hanuman charita

As Hanuman crosses the ocean ,he comes across mount Mainak.
Mistaking the mountain to be an obstacle, hanuman tries to punch his way through the mountain.
Mainak then comes out in his deva form and tells how hanuman’s father Vayu saved him once and thus Mainak is offering Hanuman rest and food on his mountain in gratitude.

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day14

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day12 – Hanuman charita

As every body wonders how to cross the huge ocean, Jambavantha reminds Hanuman of his abilities and encourages him to go and find Sita using his supernatural powers.

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day12

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day11 – Hanuman charita

As per Sugriva’s order Hanuman with bunch of monkeys reaches sea shore.There they come across Sampati who tells them about sita mata’s whereabouts.

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day11