Hanuman Chalisa Yagna- Day29 – Hanuman Charita

Hanuman Chalisa Yagna Day29_1

In dwapara yuga, during their vanavas, Bhima, once in his search for a divine fragrant lotus flower that draupadi wished for, comes across the gardens where hanuman was residing.Hanuman tests bhima by becoming an old monkey blocking his path.Bhima initially asks and later demands the monkey to give way.The monkey says if he is that much of an obstacle, bhima can lift his tail out of the way and proceed.Bhima despite his immense strength is not able to lift the monkey’s tail.Understanding the monkey to be no ordinary monkey,bhima prays and accepts his defeat. Having properly curbed bhima’s arrogance,hanuman  reveals himself and hugs his brother.On bhima’s request hanuman shows his enlarged form that he attained while crossing the ocean in his search for sita mata.

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Once krishna sends arjuna to the ocean shore, where arjuna finds an old monkey praying to rama.The old monkey hears arjuna, ridiculing the rama setu saying he could have built a better bridge than vanaras and then challenges him.Arjuna arrogantly accepts the challenge but fails as every bridge he built collapses,the moment the old monkey steps on it.Finally their dispute is resolved by krishna and both arjuna and hanuman realise that krishna and rama are one and the same and pray to him.Following this incident, hanuman promises arjuna that though he cannot participate in the actual kurukshetra war, he will be on arjuna’s chariot, on his side stabilizing his chariot.Thus the flag on arjuna’s chariot came to be known as kapila dhwaja.Hanuman was one of the few who heard the gitopadesha from the lord krishna.

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